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Gorilla Airsoft Radio

Gorilla Airsoft Radio is a podcast about the game of Airsoft. We cover everything from new player advice to Milsim games and everything in between. Our style may be a little edgy so those with dainty ears have been warned. We just try to have fun and explain Airsoft one beer at a time.

Mar 28, 2010

After many technical difficulties, episode #6 is a reality. Only one day late! For the first time I had to edit the show. Not for content, but for technical problems. Anyway we're back with a show chuck full of Airsoft goodness. We cover Airsoft stupidity, upcoming games, Socom Gear, ect..ect... Enjoy!

Mar 14, 2010

This week we welcome our favorite Mexican, Tony to the show. What happens next is a blur. Topics include the Mad Bull UAV, a new Airsoft field in SoCal, BBweight vs Velocity, and two guys, one mike. Enjoy.