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Gorilla Airsoft Radio

Gorilla Airsoft Radio is a podcast about the game of Airsoft. We cover everything from new player advice to Milsim games and everything in between. Our style may be a little edgy so those with dainty ears have been warned. We just try to have fun and explain Airsoft one beer at a time.

Show notes Episode #20

Oct 29, 2010

In an attempt to make the show more interactive we are posting some of the show notes for you to follow along with. You can pretend your a child again doing a read along book with your folks. Keep in mind the show has a life of it's own and may not exactly follow these notes to the T.

From Arnies Airsoft

News from Airsoft GI

A major moving accomplishment has just been achieved! Our new warehouse is operational and order processing is now faster than ever. The additional space plus the implementation of new systems has us plowing forward at full speed. Thank you for your patience with us these past few days. If you have experienced any delays with your order in the past 5 days please contact us at,; or you can call us at 909 869-0671, or you can chat with us live through our live chat feature on the front page. Thanks again for your contribution and patience, we look forward to serving you faster and better than ever.


From Dr Airsoft

See the new Dr. Airsoft video demonstrating the quick-change spring of the Umarex H&K G36c by Ares. This system allows players to switch their muzzle velocity in just minutes, sometimes allowing operators to use a gun which would otherwise not be able to chrono under a field's limit. See also

Echo1: The Wish List


Brian, the Echo1USA Tech, shows all the airsoft models currently available at your authorized Echo1USA Retailers. The airsoft guns featured include: Redstar CPM, M14 Wood, Task Force Black (TFB) SG 2, E90, Stag Arms M16, Redstar CPW, ASC Tan, Platinum Edition M4, Redstar VMG, Redstar LMG, Stag Arms Full Metal M4, ASC Black, Task Force Black (TFB) SG 1, Stag Arms VN M16, Mini Gun Long, Task Force Black (TFB) SG RIS 2, Redstar AK Covert, M249 MKII, SM Short, and the Redstar Wolverine.


NABV: Legalizing Airsoft in The Netherlands

Ronald from NL Airsoft (...we don't usually do favors to Ronnie, due to his diligent lack of quoting the source, but we'll make an exception on this matter as this is more important than the petty rivalry) sent in some rather Interesting news regarding the status of airsoft replicas in Holland. It would appear that there might be some change regarding the legal status of airsoft, airsoft players and airsoft replicas in The Netherlands. Google Translate & Ronnie helped us bring you this wonderful news:

Airsoft breakthrough in the Netherlands!

As you know we are trying for a long time (since 2004) to create the possibility to be able to practice our sport in the UK. As you know we are trying for a long time (since 2004) to create The Possibility to be printable to practice our sport in the UK. This is a slow process because we are the core idea of our sport do not want to destroy. This is a slow process Because We Are The core idea of our sport do not because to destroy. For the current legal limit in ambiguities and to raise many steps we have already put in the right direction. For the current legal limit in ambiguities and to raise Already many steps we have put in the right direction. Meanwhile we are proud to announce that the first AEG, namely the Star Ika Zuchi by the Ministry of Justice has been designated as a "Category IV weapons. Meanwhile we are proud to announce thats the first AEG, namely the Star Ika Zuchi by the Ministry of Justice Has Been Designated as a "Category IV weapons. This AEG can therefore used in the Netherlands, under the same legal rules as air weapons, which also Category IV. This AEG can-therefore be Used in the Netherlands, under the legal rules Same as air weapons, Which Also fall under category IV. This AEG has a futuristic look, but it is certainly a start! This AEG Has A futuristic look, but it is certainly a start! If there are problems in areas such as customs and other agencies we will ask you to contact us. If there are problems in areas as customs and Other Such agencies willing we ask you to contact us. A copy of the approval is then available to you. A copy of the approval is then available to you.We will act as NABV with good courage we continue to work to create an opportunity for all devices that are available for our sport, to use in NL. We Will Act As NABV with good courage we continue to work to create an opportunity for All Devices That are available for our sport, to use in NL.


Breaking News: 110 Thousand Airsoft Guns Siezed

People Airsoft were kind enough to share this information with us. Although the official statement from the Police is somewhat silly, but there is undeniable truth behind it. Not the part where these "officials" claim various bogus claims of airsoft replica dangers, and so on. Because, come on, what kind of a douchebag criminal do you have to be to use airsoft replicas as your tool? The undeniable truth is, Chinese government is coming after the manufacturers and distributors who illegally manufacture these items, simply because the law requires them to do so. Which is kinda silly, but OK, the law is the or at least it should be. Anyways, could this mean the end of cheap ACM replicas? Time will tell, won't it?


There are 110 thousands of airsoft guns carried by two containers. China custom patrol intercepted those airsoft guns in Swatow city, Guangdong Province and arrested three suspects during China National Holidays. Total 113,000pcs of airsoft guns were seized, which is largest gun-involved crime in the last decade. Based on official news from China custom patrol, they caught those simulated guns when they were under transportation to port after loaded at a local market in Swatow. Those thousands of airsoft guns not only contain various real gun models but simulate every detail, no matter on size, weight or structure from real guns. Although simulated gun is differ from real one, it still shows certain level of damage power and can be used as tool by criminals due to its high similarity with real gun. According to China “Firearms Control Act”, simulated guns are forbidden to manufacture and sale. Presently, those airsoft guns are transferred and investigated by Swatow Police department



MadBull: New Tracer Unit

Simon from Madbull sent in the announcement that their tracer unit or device as the call it, is available now. It comes in two models, it's a concept known to airsofters as it is basically a suppressor that holds the tracer unit inside and it is as such attached to the barrel of the replica. Read more bellow:

One year, yes. We developed this product for 1 year already. The designer is the same designer of UAV. A twelve scientists team from Taiwan college. The MadBull tracer is totally different from other tracers in the market. It is designed from scratch. Our first design was using LED as the light source but we found out LED’s power is far less than flash. Especially when BB travel through the short distance tunnel, there is not much energy transfer to the tracer BB. The final version is using flash light which is the same idea as Japan made one about 15 years ago. However, we are applying new modern technology, such as “energy saving”, “light up more BB per second”, “USB charger” and of course, Gemtech licensing. Enjoy MadBull new tracer device! Remember to use MadBull tracer BBs! (Green and Red tracer BBs only)


Best performance and the most powerful tracer in the market
Designed by UAV designer
Original new design from scratch
Max. light up 35 BB/ SEC
Low power consumption
USB charger

The Madbull Tracer Units are AWESOME!!! See them in action in this short GITV review video:

2 models available:

Gemtech Blackside (#GTB): Regular high power tracer
Gemtech Blackside Flare(#GTBF): You can see flare from the side




Simon sent in SOCOMGEAR's latest new arrival announcement. The Black Ops pistol, a M2011 based gas blowback pistol replica, pictures are from Airsoft GI, gun probably made by WE, all sent in by Madbull and by all means, read the rest bellow:

SOCOM Gear Black Ops Hicapa pistol w/ FREE Extra magazine. Full metal frame and extreme performance. Own the field with this badass pistol.Supply to USA and distributed by JAG Precision only,Precision only, Special thanks Airsoft GI for great photos.



* Hop Up: Adjustable
* Gas Use: GREEN
* Muzzle Velocity: ~300 fps
* Magazine Capacity: 25+1 (comes with 2 Magazines!)


* Realistic Field Strip
* Adjustable Rear Sight

SOCOMGEAR Black Ops. GBB Pistol



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