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Gorilla Airsoft Radio is a podcast covering all aspects of the game of Airsoft. We try to have fun and simplify the art of Airsoft one beer at a time.
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #141

On this episode we discuss the lack of OEM parts in Airsoft, GMR gets banned again, and what gear should new players get to supplement rental gear.

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Here it is. Sorry it' late. It's our annual Lion Claws spectacular! Sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy!

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Gorilla Airsoft Radio #105

On this, the final podcast of 2014, we follow up on our Tippmann M4 review, we do a first impression review of the Krytac PDW, and we discuss how we all got into Airsoft. Happy Holidays!

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On this episode we discuss some news items and our main topic is Airsoft 101, common mistakes new players make. Sit back, relax, and crack open a cold one. Enjoy!

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This episodes Hosts are Beast and Willi

Recorded May 4th 2012

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Vietnam Airsoft video sent to us by listener Jamie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkDQP_ku6TQ&feature=plcp

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KWA Tokarev and LM4s are almost here


Airsoft Darwin Awards


Gun Reviews

S&T Tavor

Elite Force G36C

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Thats right folks we're duting off the mics and preparing to record a new show. Hopefully it'll be available for download by Sat 4/21. 

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Check out this custom built China Lake Grenade launcher. All of you COD Black Ops fans can start drooling now.


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Due to the fact that a some of the Gorilla Airsoft Radio Crew will be attending John Lu's "Operation Route 66", we will be postponing the next show until October 28th.

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After the holiday break we return with a vengence.  We've got a full house with four mics running. On this episode, our first anniversary show, we discuss a new UAV, the Magpul Masada ACR, and and more info on the Contour HD Helmet Cam. Enjoy.

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Well, we're a week late but better late than never. This week we discuss more Black Ops Weapons faux pas, a Co2 upgrade for the A&K SVD, and our review of the Echo 1 M28.

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