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Gorilla Airsoft Radio is a podcast covering all aspects of the game of Airsoft. We try to have fun and simplify the art of Airsoft one beer at a time.
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #105

On this, the final podcast of 2014, we follow up on our Tippmann M4 review, we do a first impression review of the Krytac PDW, and we discuss how we all got into Airsoft. Happy Holidays!

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On this episode we discuss some news items and our main topic is Airsoft 101, common mistakes new players make. Sit back, relax, and crack open a cold one. Enjoy!

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This episodes Hosts are Beast and Willi

Recorded May 4th 2012

Station News

Listener stats

Listener Email

Vietnam Airsoft video sent to us by listener Jamie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkDQP_ku6TQ&feature=plcp

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KWA Tokarev and LM4s are almost here


Airsoft Darwin Awards


Gun Reviews

S&T Tavor

Elite Force G36C

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Thats right folks we're duting off the mics and preparing to record a new show. Hopefully it'll be available for download by Sat 4/21. 

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Check out this custom built China Lake Grenade launcher. All of you COD Black Ops fans can start drooling now.


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Due to the fact that a some of the Gorilla Airsoft Radio Crew will be attending John Lu's "Operation Route 66", we will be postponing the next show until October 28th.

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After the holiday break we return with a vengence.  We've got a full house with four mics running. On this episode, our first anniversary show, we discuss a new UAV, the Magpul Masada ACR, and and more info on the Contour HD Helmet Cam. Enjoy.

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Well, we're a week late but better late than never. This week we discuss more Black Ops Weapons faux pas, a Co2 upgrade for the A&K SVD, and our review of the Echo 1 M28.

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This week we learn how to play in the rain. Joker is back and tells us just how much he likes WE. We find out a few facts about our international listeners and that we're huge in Texas. Plus all the news and more. Happy listening.

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Listener Email

From Jamy in Norcal

"I was just watching NBC nightly news and they were interviewing a guy while in Iraq and when he was home, while they where in Afghanistan they filmed American soldiers in combat wearing multicam... And when they interviewed him while he was home In Ohio he showed his new uniform that I have never seen before. It looks like acu with some rust colors thrown in. I took some pictures of them and attached them to the email.


Also sent to us from from listener Jamy, check out this new Barrett M82 from Snow Wolf


Check out this great article about the furure of clones versus licenses in Airsoft from Thumpys 3D house of Airsoft.


Airsoft Innovations has a new commercial covering Tornado grenades and what look to be an on-field propane refill device.

From Airsoftnews.eu

Echo1 USA: M240B Coming Soon


Main topic for this week "Playing Airsoft in the rain".


From Jamy in Norcal


Airsoft Tournament December 11th & 12th!We are opening our airsoft CQB arena with
a 2 day triple elimination tournament. Yep, that's right - a triple elimination
tournament For players who are not on a team - dont worry just $25 and we will
assign you to a team. See below for more information:
-Tournament times are Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm
-Team size 4-6 with a fee of $25 per player
-Tournament format is Team Elimination with 10 min max
-Minimum age of 14
-350 FPS
-Rental package for tournament is only $30
-Rental package includes: mask, AEG, tact vest and 1000 rounds
-All skill levels accepted
-Registration Deadline is December 9th at 10pm
-Eye protection mandatory and only semi-auto allowed
-Prizes given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
Go to our website now to get more information and register. You don't want to miss
being a part of history. The first ever airsoft event at Escape.

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