Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Gorilla Airsoft Radio is a podcast covering all aspects of the game of Airsoft. We try to have fun and simplify the art of Airsoft one beer at a time.

On this episode we pay tribute to our friend and teammate Don "Candyman" Musto. Plus a few news items. RIP Candyman.

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Welcome to the 2017 Shot Show spectacular. We cover lots of news from Elite force, ASG, G&G, Valken, Echo !, and the list goes on..... Plus we discuss some new legal battles involving some well known Airsoft distributers. Happy listening!

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On this episode we discuss Wildlife on the Airsoft field and what we got for Christmas.

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On this final episode of the year we discuss The year in Airsoft, 2016.

Happy Holidays!

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This week we have listener voicemail, we finally have a release date for the Vector AEG and we do initial impression reviews of the CZ 805 Bren and the Krytac Alpha CRB.

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Break-in news, Go fund me updates and an AAR of Op Wasteland. Enjoy!

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Beast asks for help from the listeners. His store was broken into over the weekend. The thieves didn't get much but repairs to the shop and replacement of some inventory has the store in a bit of trouble. Please go to Go fund me and search for Gorilla Airsoft. Make a donation to the cause.


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One this episode we discuss the City of Baltimore's attempt to ban Airsoft Replicas, the fact that there are no dragons in the trailer for JTAC's Op "Dragons Keep" and we make several attempts to discuss stolen Valor in Airsoft. After Joe and Beast share High School stories completely unrelated to Airsoft we finally get around to stolen Valor. Enjoy!

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On this episode we discuss shaming cheaters on Youtube, an Airsoft celeb actually gives a product a negative review, and why you shouldn't don't store your Airsoft gear in the car.

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This is our second attempt to record our coverage of Copperhead 2.5. The first attempt  was only half usable so we've included it at the end as bonus content. Enjoy!

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